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Task Scheduler


Task Manager will help you follow your asynchronous tasks.

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Magento 2

Task Manager

Task Manager is a Magento 2 module developed by Alyzeo. Task Manager allows administrators to get control on tasks and specific scripts executed through Magento events. Through a backend adminisation panel and action links, your administrators will have a clear view on all tasks and current status. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Problems and Solutions

Your website is getting slower ?

  • Magento 2 allow tasks to be executed through synchronized events or directly through the request process. By doing so, your store will load slower!

Task Manager will help your website gain better performance and save resources by implementing asynchronous tasks.

Your bad performance impact your conversion rate ?

Task Manager for Magento 2 is a lightweight module. It is based on one cron job execution and by this, you will be able to execute all your tasks on a backend server and no more on the frontend used by your customers.

Your store can loose track on important task ?

  • Monitoring events or actions can be tricky on a Magento 2 store.

Task Manager will help you keep an eye on all tasks being dynamically scheduled. Through a backend administration panel, you will be able to follow each of them and re-execute tasks when necessary.

You have a complex tasks integration to do ?

Task Manager will help you focus on what’s important and will give you several tools to manage and follow them (backend admin panel, console script commands, reports, etc.).


By moving your synchrone actions to asynchrone task, your website pages will load faster. With better performance, Google will give you more visibility.


By using Task Manager, your website frontend will load faster and be able to welcome more customers. Better performance will help you transform more.


Never lose a task anymore! Get control of your important tasks back through an intuitive backend panel and action links.


Performance and Reliability

Task Manager will help you move your synchrone tasks to asynchronous. Automatically, your page will load faster because, it will have less actions to process. Amazon Found Every 100ms of Latency Cost them 1% in Sales. Task Manager can help you improve your website page load speed.
Once implemented by your developers, tasks will be added to automatically and according to specified events, to the list. Task Manager will help you keep track on all your important tasks. Even if your store crash, you will have the possibility to re-execute specific tasks and achieve all desired process. All these in a convenient admin panel widget.

Task Implementation

Task Manager for Magento 2 does require implementation by developers. Task Manager is based on declarative XML and Magento cron jobs engine. New task will be declared in XML configuration file. Thanks to this, developer will gain time implementing them.

More Features

Mass actions

Re-execute one or more tasks them when necessary. Possibility to delete one or more tasks

Chain tasks

Define a parent task and chain 2 tasks. The child task will be executed only if the parent is success

Notification emails

Get notification email when a task falls in error status

Postpone schedule

Set a postpone in minutes and see your task schedule accordingly

XML configuration

Declare new task thanks to well defined XML configuration

Lightweight Engine

Based on an unique cron job, Task Manager will run softly


What will happen in a near future:

  • Add extra_options field
  • Archive tasks more than n months
  • Pause Task Manager module but still accept new task schedule

Change Log

[2.2.0] – 2023-06-12

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.5, 2.4.6

[2.1.0] – 2022-05-27

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.4

[2.0.0] – 2020-09-15

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.X

[1.6.1] – 2019-11-16

  • Fix notifications on error process

[1.6.0] – 2019-09-18

  • Backend administration panel to optimize management of tasks
  • Change status action added
  • Delete several tasks action added

[1.5.0] – 2019-08-25

  • Improve new module structure to be compatible with magento2 static tests
  • changing composer name to be compatible with magento2 static tests

[1.4.0] – 2019-06-06

  • Add console script management: List all todo tasks
  • Add console script management: New task
  • Add console script management: Process one specified task by id
  • Add console script management: Process all pending tasks

[1.3.0] – 2019-04-27

  • Implementation of Business Exception
  • Improve process logs

[1.2.1] – 2019-04-02

  • Add a “if exist” check on class associated task before loading it

[1.2.0] – 2019-03-16

  • Integrate XML based task configuration
  • Remove task configuration from db table
  • Update error status and message

[1.1.2] – 2019-03-12

  • Update Readme.md documentation

[1.1.1] – 2019-02-03

  • Clean the loop to process tasks
  • Improve the “no task to process” implementation

[1.1.0] – 2019-01-09

  • Implement Management API class
  • Optimize methods to process the tasks

[1.0.1] – 2018-11-30

  • Update phpdoc
  • Fix composer.json dependancies

[1.0.0] – 2018-10-12

  • First version of Task Manager for Magento 2